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Front View From Sohmer Solstice

Front View From Aubreeze

Front View From Hub of the Tub

Front View From Erie Escape


Front View From LieLows

Front View From CareAways Bed & Breakfast


View our summer cottage rentals, Find a location that best suits your needs and budget.

About Us

6 cottages are currently available in Ontario. Lake Huron/ Dorcas Bay, DowntownTobermory (5), Lowbanks (1).

Cottage Info

Fully functional waterfront summer cottages, Perfect for small families seeking relaxation and tranquility. All of our cottages are "non-housekeeping" and guests are expected to provide their own linens, bedding, towels, etc... Ask for details.

We do NOT provide wifi, internet, cable television, Netflix, etc.  All of our cottages are BASIC and FUNCTIONAL.

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